Salzburg Taxi Van Service: A service that will satisfies your expectations!

With the right offer for everyone, Salzburg Taxi Van Service provide services for a tourist experience as  well as a business trip. We offer hotel transfers, airport transfers and ski transfers.We can also bring you to any other destinations in Austria (e.g. from Salzburg to Vienna, from Salzburg to Tyrol etc) or the neighboring countries like Germany (from Salzburg to Munich, from Salzburg to Frankfurt, from Salzburg to Berlin etc), Switzerland, Hungary etc. !

In the globalized world of tourism, tourists come from all areas of the world and for their ease of communication and for making their trip more enjoyable Salzburg Taxi Van Service offer you the drivers who can speak German, English as well as Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

So, don’t get into the trouble to wait long hours on the airports for a reasonable taxi. Call us on following numbers +43-6765218905 or just arrange your tour online  with our services Book Online or you can follow us on social media like Facebook Google + Twitter.

Syed Amjad Kazmi

Salzburg taxi van service:

A comfortable and enjoying drive across Austria.
With a long beautiful and enjoying day across the city we provide you the guided drive of Salzburg.Time and efficiency is our motto of work . Our efficient, courteous and professional drivers are familiar with the area, and our cars are always well maintained to ensure the comfort and safety of your drive.

Syed Amjad Kazmi

Tourist transport
Service Type
Tourist transport
Provider Name
Amjad Kazmi,
Eichstraße 37, Salzburg, Austria ,Salzburg,Austria-5010,
Telephone No.+43-6765218905
Salzburg, Vienna, Germany, Innsbruck
With the right offer for everyone, Salzburg Taxi Van Service provide services for a tourist experience as well as a business trip.