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Red Bull Arena

The Red Bull Arena, known during and before the Euro 2008 football championship as the EM Stadion About this sound Wals-Siezenheim, is a football stadium in Wals-Siezenheim, a municipality in the suburb of Salzburg, Austria. It was officially opened in March 2003 and is the home ground of Red Bull Salzburg. Previously, the club played […]

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Hangar-7 in Salzburg

Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz is not a hangar in a traditional sense but rather a multifunctional building with a collection of 25 historical airplanes, helicopters and Formula One racing cars. It houses a restaurant, two bars, a lounge and aircraft, and is open to the public. It includes […]

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Werfen Ice Caves

The Werfen Ice Caves is a natural limestone ice cave located in Werfen, Austria, about 40 km south of Salzburg. The cave is inside the Hochkogel mountain in the Tennengebirge section of the Alps. It is the largest ice cave in the world, extending more than 42km and visited by about 200,000 tourists every year.

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Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo, also referred to as Tiergarten Hellbrunn, is a zoo in Salzburg, Salzburgerland, Austria. It is 14 hectares in size, and has 1200 animals from 140 species. It is located in the south of the city, in Anifer Street, in the Anif District.

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Krimml Waterfalls

The Krimml Waterfalls, with a total height of 380 metres (1,247 feet), are the highest waterfall in Austria. The falls are on the Krimmler Ache river and are located near the village of Krimml in the High Tauern National Park in Salzburg state.

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Museum of Modern Art Salzburg

Museum of modern art salzburg is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Salzburg’s dramatic new museum of modern and contemporary art, the Museum der Moderne, sits atop the sheer cliff face of the Mönchsberg, 60 meters above Salzburg’s historic old town. It aims to be a link between artists and viewers, between Austrian and International art. The new museum overlooks the city from one of the best spots of Salzburg and occupies four floors.

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Kapuzinerberg & Capuchin Abbey

The Kapuziner Abbey in a plain building that offers some of the Mozartstadt’s most spectacular views and pleasant walks.Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau built the Kapuziner Abbey and church to accommodate the monks of the Kapuziner order, when he called them into Salzburg. The oldest indications of walls on the Kapuzinerberg Mountain date back to the 13th century.

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Mirabell Palace & Gardens

Modern Salzburg’s city hall is still as attractive as it was when Fräulein Maria and the Trapp children danced between thousands of flowers around it on the castle or in the gardens. Playful angel statues, marble pillars and excessive stucco work make the Marmorsaal hall a prime example for Salzburg’s Baroque. The world-famous Mirabell Gardens were built along a north-south axis and oriented towards the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Salzburger Dom cathedral.

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St. Sebastian church & cemetery

The church of St. Sebastian is an attraction by itself, for its cloisters and tranquil cemetery hosting the Mozart’s family tomb.The Sebastianskirche is mostly Baroque in style, built by Kassian Singer, although it bears some Rococo elements in the decorations. On the front façade of the church one will find a statue of St. Sebastian, made by Konrad Asper. It was used as a decoration for the Linzertor gate.

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Residenz Castle

Alongside with the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Salzburger Dom, the Residenz Palace is probably the most important historic building of Salzburg. This Baroque palace was the official residence of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg until it was secularised and became part of Austria. The current building is mostly what Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau […]

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